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exe file? Windows 10 My computer is working fine. No problems at all. When I looked up the device and tried to update the driver it says that the driver has been updated and needs to reboot for changes to take effect. But it didn't happen. I tried searching all over the internet and I could not find the problem. Please help me and let me know what to do. I was updating a driver and the computer locked up. I could only restart it by unplugging it from the power source. Everything that I try to do on the computer results in the error that a driver is needed to complete the update. I did not change anything on the computer, I was using it when it shut down. This work fine in my desktop and laptop. But when I tried to update in my Acer laptop it shows error that "Windows failed to start" and at the end it shows windows system error. Please help me to fix this issue. I don't want to lose my data. Hello I am running HP 15 and it says that the driver needs to be updated and then the computer turns off. How do I fix this issue? A:Windows 8/8.1/10 and HP All-in-One PCs may experience the following error. I have been experiencing this issue with my laptop, but then again, the last several months. It's been happening with Windows 10 and 8.1. Sometimes it can also happen with Windows 7 or even Windows 8. It will let you run the device manager but then the computer will turn off. It's not good to install update on laptop, after trying to install the latest driver it becomes like that, and you can't even shut down the system! I read through your previous posts, and have a similar problem, my computer shuts off while in the middle of an update. If I restart it it seems to work fine, if I restart it again, it shuts off. I don't know if I have a virus or something that is causing it. A:Windows 8.1 & HP Laptop shutting down during update Let's take a look at the problem, what device is it shutting down? Please list the exact error message. I have windows 8.1. I want to know




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